Module 2 Assignment 4

A digital media kit is a great way for Tetra Corporation to inform the media on their new concept in fish feeding. Important components to include for Tetra Corporation’s purposes would be a fact sheet, news release, a backgrounder on the company, other articles about the subject, graphics, pictures and videos, and a contact sheet.

Fact Sheet: A fact sheet would be very beneficial for Tetra Corporation because a lot of people do not have general knowledge about fish feeding.

News Release: A news release is still a necessity in a digital media kit in order to help give the concept media coverage.

Backgrounder: A backgrounder is an important component to include because Tetra Corporation may not be well known and it will give the media all the information they need to inform the public.

Relevant Articles: A new fish-feeding concept is not something the general public has common knowledge on so providing articles that will save the media time researching would be appreciated.

Graphics, Pictures and Videos: One of the large upsides of a digital media kit, as compared to a traditional media kit, is the ability to show many more photos and videos. Providing quality graphics, pictures and videos will help the media be more inclined to look into your story.

Contact Sheet: As with the traditional media it is always critical to have the contact information in a clear spot so if the media would like any additional information or comments they will be able to get ahold of you.


3 thoughts on “Module 2 Assignment 4”

  1. Amy,
    I think your explanations for everything were well written and well thought out. Also, the components of the media kit are spot on. Great job!


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