Module 2 Assignment 3

Media Alert: Bug invasion at the Minnesota Zoo

Minnesota Zoo hopes new bug and insect exhibit will bring in visitors.

July 12, 2016

Who: Minnesota Zoo

What: The Minnesota Zoo is bringing in a new exhibit that will feature bugs and insects. The exhibit will include butterflies and moths; a working colony of leaf-cutter ants, giant millipedes; centipedes; land crabs; arachnids, such as the world’s largest spider, tarantulas, and scorpions; and zebra cockroaches. There will also be a butterfly garden where up to 600 free-flying butterflies and moths will live.

When: The grand opening will take place on May 1.


Minnesota Zoo

1234 Zoo St.

Minnesota, USA, 12345

Why: The director of the Minnesota Zoo feels this will not only be great entertainment for community members but also a valuable educational opportunity.


Amy Weinfurter

Director of Public Relations

Phone: (123) 456-7890





3 thoughts on “Module 2 Assignment 3”

  1. Amy,
    I think this is really well done and you added a lot of really important information to the release. One suggestion: try and add some information that will appeal to media groups (photo-ops, special shots etc.) Great job!


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