PR News Analysis Brief #3

Story #1: Noodles & Co. data breach compromises years of transactions



On May 17th 2016, there was a data breach at the popular restaurant Noodles & Co. On June 2nd, Noodles & Co. confirmed the breach and began an ongoing investigation into the situation. It is important to note that if a customer’s card was compromised in the breach, and unauthorized charges appear; the customer does not need to worry about paying for those and Visa’s Zero Liability protection will handle it.


Data breaches are critical stories a PR professional needs to be aware of. A large data breach concerning credit and debit cards is very frightening and may scare customers away. This situation is not something a PR professional wants to deal with, but it is something he or she should be prepared to deal with. When in this type of situation, it is important to remain transparent and reassure your customers that your company is doing everything it can to figure out what happened and correct it. I think Noodles & Co. did a great job also reassuring their customers that if unauthorized charges do happen to appear, they will not need to pay them.

Story #2: Report: Older users are flocking to Snapchat



The popular app Snapchat seems to be growing its range of users to an older audience. The article on Ragan’s PR Daily found that although the app is well-liked among teens and young adults, “14 percent of smartphone user’s ages 35 and older are also on Snapchat.” This number is significant because just three years ago, it was only at 2 percent. Although parents and older users may cause some teens to jump ship on Snapchat for a newer, fewer populated social media platforms, some say that because Snapchat is more “closed off” there should not be as many teens leaving the app.


This story is significant to a PR professional for many reasons. This is important to a PR professional in a company that targets those older than 35, because this is a brand-new platform, they can explore as a way to connect. This is also important for PR professionals targeting the younger audiences because if it is not expected that they will leave the app anytime soon, Snapchat could be a great PR investment to reach a large amount of your target audience.

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1 thought on “PR News Analysis Brief #3”

  1. I liked your Snapchat brief. It is interesting to see the older generation catching up with Snapchat. It may have something to do with watching what their kids are doing on Snapchat.


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