PR News Analysis Brief #2

Story #1: Millennials Weigh in on What Makes Food Brands Authentic—New Research Reveals the Influencing Factors




There were recently two studies done examining “the media habits of Millennial food and beverage consumers.” According to this article on the Bulldog Reporter, the study found ”84 percent of Millennials feel they can easily describe, in one sentence, a food or beverage brand or product they discovered.” It is so important in today’s world that businesses are very aware and secure with the brand image they want to portray because opinions are formed very quickly. In the second study, it was found that “!00 percent of Millennials survey said they frequently purchase food and beverage brands they list as authentic.”


This article would be extremely important to any company because they would want to know how much Millennials care about brand image. After reading about research done in these two studies, it is very clear, brand image is essential. According to an article on Politico, by Brianna Ehley, according to research by Pew Research, Millennials are now the largest generational cohort, passing the baby boomers. Understanding Millennials is key to any PR professional wanting to connect with their consumers.


Story #2: Media Trust Crisis: Election-Coverage Survey Reveals Few Americans Truly Believe News Media Reporting





This article found on Bulldog Reporter discusses the way Americans currently feel about how the media is covering the 2016 Presidential Election. Overall, the results found that most Americans are not as happy with the coverage as media outlets would hope. Research conducted at Saint Leo University found that “86.4% of those polled say news media have their own political and policy positions and attempt to influence public opinion.” This article also discussed how social media has impacted how this election is perceived. Due to Facebook’s algorithm, it is easier than ever for people to block out a wide range of views. Facebook’s algorithm picks up on what you click on and what you seem to agree with and fills your news feed with similar stories.


This article is very important to a PR professional working for a news media outlet because they must be able to keep maintain credibility. It is critical that viewers feel like they can trust the media and they are getting unbiased information. I think this is also important for PR professionals involved in political campaigns because of the social media aspect. We always hear about how beneficial social media is, but there are still some negatives and one of those was identified in this article. Social media sites with algorithms are great, but when trying to sway voters one way or the other, this algorithm makes it much more difficult if they are not seeing your content.


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2 thoughts on “PR News Analysis Brief #2”

  1. Amy,

    I think you did a great job explaining everything and making it easy to understand. The topics you chose were great and relevant with issues and ideas we are all familiar with. Great job!


  2. Great job with your briefs! I agree that establishing credibility would be difficult to do but if you want to work in PR, being credible is very important.


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