Module 1 Assignments

Assignment 1

A new library is opening in your city. The eight-story building has 2.1 million square feet of floor space, and it will house 1.5 million books. Although the numbers are impressive, the public can’t really identify with “millions.” If you were writing a news release for the new library, what comparisons or analogies would you use to give these figures meaning for the average person?

If I were writing the news release, in order to give the figures more meaning I would compare the building size to another notable building or landmark in the Green Bay or North East Wisconsin area. For example, most people can visualize how large a football field is, 2.1 million square feet of floor space is equivalent to just over 36 football fields. As far as giving the number of books meaning I would say approximately how many miles 1.5 million books would stretch if laid out.

Assignment 2

The concept of channeling is discussed in terms of tailoring messages to audience self-interests. The NEW ZOO (real Green Bay Zoo) wants to increase memberships and donations. Develop the message theme for the following audiences:

 Business and industry – The message theme for this audience would be team building. When people initially think of the NEW Zoo, many times they think of it as simply a zoo, however, with the Adventure Park, it is so much more than that. The Adventure Park includes zip lining; an Aerial Adventure Course and a Climbing Tower, all of these are great activities for their next company outing and would be the focus of the NEW Zoo’s messaging.

 Teachers – The message theme for teachers would be around education. The NEW Zoo is a great place for their students to learn about animals and their habitats. When developing a message for this group a point of emphasis would be explaining why the NEW Zoo should be one of the teacher’s field trips in the upcoming year.

 Parents – The message theme for this audience would be centered on low cost, local, family fun. Parents are always looking for local and low cost ways to keep their children busy in the summer months and I would want to portray the NEW Zoo as an activity that should be at the top of their list. According to their website, the NEW Zoo is free for children 2 and under, $5 for children 3-15, $7 for adults, which is considered 16 and older, there is also a discount for senior citizens where admission is only $5. This pricing is noticeably cheaper than other popular zoo’s around the state and is something that should be emphasized in the messaging.

 Environmental and conservation groups – The message theme for environmental and conservation groups would be focused on show casing what the NEW Zoo is doing to protect the environment and other animals in the wild. According to their website, the NEW Zoo is an accredited zoo and as a part of that, they are committed to AZA SAFE, which stands for Saving Animals From Extinction. This accreditation and program would be a point of emphasis when messaging to this group because gaining their support would greatly increase attendance and in turn help fundraise for SAFE.

Assignment 3

1) It is important to localize news if you want coverage in community newspapers. Suggest a way to localize each of the following items:

A national airline has just compiled the number of flights, mileage, and total passengers carried last year.

In order to localize this news, I would want to interview management and flyers at either Austin Straubel International Airport or Appleton International Airport. This would be a good way to localize the story because you could discuss how these numbers impact jobs in the area, prices of flights in the upcoming months and potential problems that may arise in the area.

A computer company has introduced a new tablet computer.

One-way to localize this would be talking to a local technology expert and reviewing the features and drawbacks. Another way to localize this story would be to find out if a school or company in the area is going to use the tablets in their work. If this organization is, find out how they are using them and what benefits they will bring.

A national manufacturing company with plant sites in 100 different cities has just announced its annual earnings and stock dividend.

A great way to localize a company opening new plant is to first find out if one of their plants is located in a city near you. If there is a plant near, then discuss the state of the company because that will impact the local economy and may indicate where jobs are headed. If there is not a plant in the area, it could be useful to find out if a local expert has ties to the company or knowledge of them and get their expert opinion on the numbers.

A company has just developed a new GPS system integrated into their entire line of cars.

If a company has just developed a new GPS system integrated into their line of cars, find a local car dealer that sells these cars and find out if they will allow you to film a test drive for a segment. This will bring publicity to the car dealership and still inform the public about the new GPS system.

A charitable agency has just released national figures on the number of Americans afflicted with AIDS.

To localize this story, find out if there is a chapter of this charity located in the area and interview someone of significance that is affiliated with the charity. It may also be beneficial to talk to a local health care expert on what they see in their line of work in regards to AIDS.

2) Leinenkugels is interested in doing some sort of poll or survey that would generate media coverage. What would you recommend and why?

There are different ways to generate media coverage by using a survey, one way is by making it about contemporary lifestyles, a common situation and having a seasonal theme. Leinenkugels is a beer company so I think a lifestyle or seasonal survey or would be best. A seasonal survey could be something along the lines of which holiday is the best for drinking or finding out what most people look forward to about the summer months, a popular season for beer.

Assignment 4

1) You are new at a job in public relations. You have been taught to keep news releases factual and skip the hype. However, management wants you to “jazz up” the news release and say the new product is, among other things, “revolutionary.” What would you do? Explain your answer. 

2) You are the public relations director of a repertory theater. The city editor of the local daily calls you and asks if you could send him 10 complimentary tickets. He explains that his wife’s family is in town for the weekend. What would you do? Explain your answer.

  1. In this situation I would make sure that the news release is 100% factual however I would make a point to use positive adjectives to describe the product. I would remind management that it is great to “jazz up” the news release; we need to make sure we are being honest and transparent with our customers. I few are not honest; it could cause more problems, and money, down the road.
  2. I would definitely send the director all 10 complimentary tickets. I would do this to send a positive message about the theater and get people in the seats for the show. I would also do this because he is an editor and a good review or comments from him in the paper could bring a lot more people to the theater for this show and future shows.




3 thoughts on “Module 1 Assignments”

  1. Hi Amy,
    Great comparison for the library assignment. All of the blogs that I’ve read so far have used Lambeau Field in comparison to what the books would be. I also agree with you on making sure that all the information is factual. I think it’s very important for a company and a PR department to make sure when they are reaching out to customers and other businesees to make sure all information is accurate. That is how trust is built between the PR company and other businesses and potential clients as well.
    As for the tickets, I agree as well. I also said that I would give the tickets to him in exchange for a positive review on the theatre. I felt as though this was an ethical way for PR to promote the company in a positive manner and to gain the trust of clients as well. Great post!


  2. Hi Amy,

    I thought your take on the ticket situation was interesting! The majority of blogs I read said they would not offer the editor anything. In my post, I said that I would not offer him all 10 tickets but rather come up with a counter offer instead. Offering the tickets in exchange for a good review would seem like a bribe, to me.


    1. Hi Jenna, thank you for your input. After reading other responses I quickly realized how giving the editor 10 tickets could be seen as a bribe! I like your idea of a counter offer or I also saw some people put they would simply remind him of the group discount rates available.


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