News Analysis Brief #1

Story #1: Gun-control groups focus on changing the conversation at the state level and with new allies





Following the recent shooting in Orlando, Florida that took the lives of 49 people, advocates for gun-control have been increasingly active about spreading word about the need for stricter gun control laws. Opponents to gun control have more money and power making it difficult for those for gun control to get their message out. According to the author, Alison Kanski, Matt Canter, a SVP at Global Strategy group “contends many NRA members support common-sense gun laws, like not allowing people on terrorist watch lists to by firearms.”



Gun control is at the forefront of American politics and as a PR professional on either side of the argument it is critical to keep up with how your opponent or those that share similar views are portraying the situation. This is necessary because groups on both sides of the argument have a strong ability to sway members of the public to either side.


Story #2: David Cameron resigns, world leaders respond after ‘Brexit’





On Thursday, June 23, 2016 Britain voted to leave the European Union (EU) becoming the first country to do so. This greatly impacts the economies and businesses around the world, not just in Britain or the EU. Leaders in both Germany and France do not see Britain leaving the EU as a step in the right direction. According to the author, Beki Winchel, “other world leaders echoed the sentiment that the decision was detrimental.”



This event is important because, as the article stated, it will impact businesses all over the world. In the coming months PR professionals in companies impacted by this will need to reassure their employees and customers that the business is going to remain financially stable. If a company is not in a good place financially it is important for the messaging to be transparent, honest and straightforward. However, it would also be critical to assure those involved that your company is taking the steps to fix it.


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Winchel, B. (2016, June 24). David Cameron resigns, world leaders respond after ‘Brexit’. Retrieved June 26, 2016, from Reagan’s PR Daily website:



5 thoughts on “News Analysis Brief #1”

  1. I had the same article about the Brexit and I thought the same thing. It is very important that the companies who have clients invested in these areas reassure them and keep them updated on how this will effect them. This will be especially important since there are so many negative articles on this decision floating around the internet. You wouldn’t want a client to find something out before you are able to fully notify them.


  2. Amy,
    I also looked at the article regarding gun control moving towards the state level. I liked how you brought the standing of PR professionals into your analysis. I agree that it is really important for them to know and understand both sides of the story so they are not blind-sided by certain opinions or statements.


    1. Exactly, because of social media, new opinions, statements and claims are posted or published every day, and if one goes viral, these PR professionals need to be aware and have a response ready.


  3. I looked at similar things with the Brexit story! I found a lot of things that said Germany might actually luck out and get a lot of new business because of it. It’ll be interesting to see how everything pans out.


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